Reflective thinking turns experience into insight.

by John C.Maxwell

Through these whole module, i realised that i have to put a lot of effort to improve myself, to improve my thinking, idea & concept. I always believe Continue reading


Personal Introduction


  • Graduated diploma of illustration from MIA (Malaysian Institute Of Art)
  • Expert to create a different style of visual work, prefer on layout & typography
  • Passionate on photography, illustration, artistic painting and gym.
  • Life quotes for myself “No Matter How Bad It Is Or How Bad It gets, I’m Going To Make It” and “No Excuse If You Want To Success”

Human & Klingon

Discovery’s Klingon may look unfamiliar for a reason

The most notable difference between many of the Klingons in human

After months and months of waiting,
CBS finally released the first trailer for Star Trek. Discovery yesterday (seen left) and one aspect stood out above all the rest, the Klingon’s new look.

Continue reading “Human & Klingon”


Here, you can see the work progression

There are two topic of news in this newspaper cover that clearly show how hierarchy of the information.The magazine style of newspaper clearly show the information. It’s minimalist style and symmetrical that famous and attract reader to read this. I’m trying to edit and adjust the brightness and contrast of photo that make it nicely by Adobe photoshop.

*All of the layout design and text wording created by Adobe Indesign.

Klingon Cultural Symposium

Celebrating 50th Anniversary

What we do?

From Tlhab’ (“independence”) in Klingon, a language constructed in the Star Trek franchise. It’s a Klingon independence celebration. We believe that having an epic adventure, onz a time and in galaxies far far way. An organization throwback festival and hold attract the people who interested to join this celebration. Event will held celebrating in hall and having experience sharing sessions in outside Central Park on Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. It’s will be fun ! Continue reading “Klingon Cultural Symposium”

Klingon Food Makeover

Beet Linguine With Orange-Tarragon Vinaigrett

Beets are an insane source of vitamins and minerals, and they happen to be tasty and delicious too! Did you know they’re the second largest source of sugar, after sugar cane? This means they’re packed with tons of flavor underneath their rugged exterior. You can think of beets as red spinach, a powerfood. Continue reading “Klingon Food Makeover”

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